Millions of years old the Glorin Empire is comprised of three planets. Califia, Edmon, and Ateno. Techniologically advanced but lacking faster than light travel, the three planets are connected by a spacetime event known as the slipstream.

The slipstream is a hole in spacetime that allows ships and transmission to travel faster than the speed of light. It connects the three planets in a vast loop. Califia to Edmon. Edmon to Ateno. And Ateno to Califia.

When the slipstream was discovered the two nearest planets were almost immediately terra formed and colonized. No sentient life was found on either planet and the Empire expanded for the first time beyond it's terrestrial boundries.

The Imperial family has ruled for centuries over a mostly peaceful Empire. The Empire provides peace and stability. Though there are some who wish to see it's fall (Vongta seperatist, or Ateno rebels) the Empire has managed to maintain their rule.

The empire is comprised of several ethnic groups. These are only a few

The Glorin. The majority. Usually fair skinned. The original conquerors of their planet. The guiding principles are conquest and control.

The Ruson. Usually very large and pale. They come from an icy desolate part of Califia. Monotheistic they believe that God hates them. His favor can only be won through quiet suffering and bareing all things. They are widely sought after as servants.

The Elevain. Short and dark they come from a mountain range on the continent of Glorin. Scholarly and enigmatic.

The Vongta. Formarlly a slave race to the Glorin. They were granted their freedom thousands of years ago during the last Glorin wars. Though they are still thought of in some circles as second class citizens. A proud people who value personal honor and acheivement.